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Old Comics

This is where I put the comics that I don't update anymore. You guys can read them. I never delete my comics!

Comic Name Last Comic Reason Canceled Chances of Remake Further Comments
Dream On I Want You Dead Lack of ideas, too much 4th wall breaking, boring to make, Muddy shouldn't meet Kirby Likely First comic I ever made.
The Wrath of Piky Let's Start Over, Shall We? Too many cameos, bad concept Made!  
Muddy Spam ATTENTION Degenerated into a sprite showcase Isn't THIS the remake?  
Muddy's Origins Jinxing It Retcon, tedious to make Unlikely  
Ask Muddy Relations, Preferences, and Nonsense Too many questions Unlikely  
The Wrath of Piky (Remade) PMD: Fin Too many cameos, bad concept, retcon Never This was completed.
Mudditopian Madness CONCEPT: Despair Mode Name of planet changed This is it!  
Muddy's Sprite Showcase So that's why he doesn't like me... I dunno Unlikely